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A transplant from Detroit to Minneapolis, Keri Noble is a piano-driven singer/songwriter whose passion and penchant for living life on her own terms radiates from her music.

Softer Place to Land - 2013

Softer Place to Land.jpeg
Softer Place to Land.jpeg

Softer Place to Land - 2013



'Softer Place to Land' is Noble's first non-holiday recording in over 3 years. In that time, she's taken on a new career in radio, gotten married, and traded in her busy touring schedule for the early hours of a morning radio show. But, if you think that means she's letting go of music, think again. 

In this 7-song EP, Keri Noble continues to express the familiar struggles of real-life love with "Make Me Crazy", loss on the heartbreaking "Back to Before", the pressures of balancing life's ups and downs in "Softer Place to Land", while exploring new territory...the upside of love (gasp!) in "Dancing in the Morning"and "Your Ring". Don't worry, though. If you think love's softened this artist, just take a listen to "Pray for You", and you know she's still got that fire! 

"Writing songs has always been my passion", Noble says. "Taking a step back from touring, and focusing on another creative expression, by doing radio, has only allowed me the space i needed to re-connect with what is very much alive and well inside of love for making music." 



  1. Dancing In The Morning
  2. Make Me Crazy
  3. Pray For You
  4. Back to Before
  5. Everything's Alright
  6. Softer Place to Land
  7. Your Ring
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